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How NOT To Use Whiteboard Videos for Training

I really like whiteboard, animated, explainer style videos, and I think they're really great for describing a process or animating a flow diagram. I always think about them in the same way that I used to think about using a flip chart when I used to do classroom training, where if you wanted to explain a concept but you wanted to control how quickly each element of that concept was revealed, you could do so in a very methodical way and you're really controlling the learning experience for the person who's watching the training. And with tools like VideoScribe, it's made creating this type of whiteboard explainer videos so much quicker and easier and cheaper as well. You don't need any video editing skills. You just drag and drop images and shapes and text onto your timeline and away you go. But here's the problem. It's become so quick and so easy and so cheap to create this type of content that there's a real temptation to overuse these tools to create training materials or training videos, and we're just gonna bore the learners if we are pumping out, well, I was gonna say hours, but actually, we're talking about just a few minutes of this same type of content. Since I started focusing primarily on using video for training, I've just seen so many bad examples of people who overuse this tool. And literally, it can be 30 seconds of using the same tool and the person watching is just gonna get bored of watching it. So, my advice to you is if you're gonna create these whiteboard-style explainer videos, especially for delivering training, keep the snippets short. I would recommend a maximum of sort of 15, 20, or 30 seconds to use that whiteboard-style animation. And if possible, try and combine that style of content with a different style of video content, which is really gonna keep the person watching very engaged. A great example would be what I'm doing here. Film yourself talking in front of the camera and then intersperse that with your whiteboard-style explainer videos as you go through the training. And that's really gonna bring a lot of value to the person watching. It's gonna keep their eyes engaged. It's gonna keep them entertained. And I probably would suggest the best thing to do is go and try it. Go on to YouTube, find the VideoScribe video that's maybe over three or four minutes long and see at what point you kind of start getting bored of watching that style of video. If you wanna see an example of a training video created with VideoScribe that's over a minute long, that's done really, really well, I'll pop a link at the top of the video and you can go and check that out. I hope that was useful. If you've got any questions, pop them in the comment section below the video and I'll see you in the next episode.